“Thread” is a media platform where emerging BIPOC media producers share their works-in-progress, gain feedback, and fundraise to complete their documentary projects.



Stories matter, and the narrative of today’s era will affect our future and how we view our place in the world.

The Thread BIPOC Documentary Collective aims to inspire the next generation by providing a supportive community of filmmakers to help you share their stories and contribute to an accurate and nuanced narrative about our experience.

The Thread gives filmmakers the opportunity to share your work, gain feedback, and raise funds to take their projects to the next level. By hosting on-line meetups with established and emerging industry professionals, the Thread provides intimate support and learning experiences for the next generation of filmmakers.

In the past, these resources were scarcely available, but with the growing number of BIPOC documentary filmmakers and boldness to share our multilayered cultures and histories, along with more interest in our stories, we hope to share knowledge and increase access to support and resources to build the largest collective of BIPOC media creators in the world.

Join us and become part of this new movement of documentary filmmakers.

A Collective of BIPOC Mentors

  • Free access to join the Thread and to start posting their documentary films on the platform
  • Opportunities to gain valuable feedback on their documentary projects from viewers and potential funders
  • Assistance with increasing their project visibility via festivals and distribution sources
  • Growing library of mentorship courses from experts in the industry
  • On-line meetups with BIPOC documentary filmmakers, viewers, funders, and distributors
  • Pathways to fundraise for in-production BIPOC documentary projects

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The Marsha Turner Taylor Visionary Award extends the philanthropic goals of the Thread LLC by supporting charitable activities and making grants to individuals who embody the social and media activism of Marsha Turner Taylor, who at 15 years old, helped launch and grow the Free Breakfast for Children Program, created by the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA in the late 1960s. Her family now lives in the Pacific Northwest where the Marsha Turner Taylor Visionary Award is based. The Award acknowledges youth media artists with a unique vantage point to a game-changing moment in history, and who use their position to make the world a better place.